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Be easy #fruitstories / Fruited Ale w/PassionFruits【350ml】

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WCB×BTB×Be Easy triple collaboration! Fruit ale series Be Easy version is "passion fruit". It's OK to mix and enjoy beers from 3 breweries!

Collaboration beer of the same name is released from WCB, BTB, and Be Easy! The fruits used are different, so you can drink it alone, or collect 3 types and drink it with your favorite blend. Please enjoy various things!

[From the brewery]
Be Easy Brewing × Passion Fruit
West Coast Brewing × Guava
Black Tide Brewing x Mango 3 company's exciting project has started🍻
Passion fruit in charge of Be Easy Brewing! ! The refreshing flavor is addictive, and above all, it's easy to drink! !

Even if it is a single item, each one has its own characteristics and is delicious, but I would like you to mix three kinds of beer and enjoy it! Such an interesting project is also the aim of this #fruitstories😊
Please enjoy making your own original combination.

※Keep refrigerated

·manufacturer: Be Easy Brewing
・Origin: Shizuoka ・Type: Happoshu
・Alcohol content: 5 degrees ・Material name: Passion Fruits
・Contents: 350ml
・Style: Fruited Ale w/Guava