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NEW MATES / Yuzu Sansho White IPA【360ml】

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The yellowish liquid color of yuzu has a rich foam derived from wheat.
The vivid scent of Japanese pepper and yuzu is very refreshing, and it mixes well with the hop-derived lime, citrus, and faint floral flavors.
They deliver powerful, fresh citrus flavors like bergamot that fill the palate with an invigorating sensation and finish with a pleasant bitterness and a clean finish.

※Keep refrigerated
・Style: Yuzu Sansho White IPA
・Alcohol: 6.5%
・IBU: 45
・Malt: Coopers Pale, Wheat Malt light
・Hop: Cascade, Motueka, Columbus
・East: Belgian Wit

・Alcohol: 8.5%
・Product: Low-malt beer with a malt usage rate of 50% or more ・Contents: 330ml