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SAKAEMASU 55 2022 12TH VINTAGE Unfiltered raw sake [750ml]

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SAKAEMASU is all unfiltered unprocessed whiskey (pasteurized only once at bottling), but we are selling a part of "SAKAEMASU 55 2022" currently being brewed as unfiltered unpasteurized unpasteurized whiskey.

Because it is not pasteurized, the yeast is active even in the bottle, so you can enjoy the fresh and fruity aroma as it is freshly made. Due to the characteristics of the product that the yeast is still alive, it matures faster than normal products, so more careful storage is required. Therefore, it will be a seasonal limited product, not a year-round product, and will be a limited quantity sake made to order.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Shimizuya Sake Brewery
・Origin: Gunma Prefecture
・Alcohol content: 16 degrees
・Produced in Niigata Prefecture Uses 100% Gohyakumangoku
・Rice polishing ratio: 55 %
・Contents: 750ml