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AMAHAGAN World Malt Slumber Bar Maid Bottle Ibuki Kiho [700ml]

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The second and third collaboration with Pao Hayakawa's comic "Madoromi Barmaid" (serialized in Houbunsha "Weekly Manga TIMES") is "AMAHAGAN World Malt Madoromi Barmaid Bottle Kiho Ibuki". and “AMAHAGAN World Spirits Madoromi Bar Maid Bottle Hiyoko Hinosaki” will be sold on a limited basis.

Continuing from the previous work "AMAHAGAN World Malt Madoromi Bar Maid Bottle Yuki Tsukikawa", this is a special AMAHAGAN with the motif of two main characters who live with Yuki.

The second model is Kiho Ibuki, a bartender who works at the long-established five-star hotel Hotel Elysion Tokyo. She has the character of a caring older sister, and she expresses her gentle yet passionate appearance with "World Malt" based on sherry barrel unblended whiskey.

On the other hand, the third model, "Hiyoko Hinozaki", is a flare bartender who performs at the bar "STREAM" in Koenji. Although she has an innocent and bright personality, she has a solid core and technology, and she opens the way with fantastic ideas. , we have prepared a new area.

Of course, each bottle can be enjoyed as it is, but as per the design drawn by Mr. Pao Hayakawa, we have tried and errored each recipe composition so that customers can enjoy blending the two bottles themselves. rice field. By all means, please search for the best "twist (arrangement)" yourself.

▼ About "World Spirits" The base spirits are Awamori distilled at Okinawa's oldest brewery "Niisato Brewery", aged in stainless steel tanks for 3 years to calm down the taste, and then added in American oak barrels for more than 7 years. It's matured. Due to the influence of barrel aging, the color of awamori is dark, and the minimum amount of extract (reduced starch syrup) is added because it is a liqueur under the tax law. The unblended whiskey and overseas malt whiskey owned by Nagahama Distillery are blended to bring out the best of each other, and then carefully married.
Awamori consumption peaked in 2004 and has been declining for 17 consecutive years. At that time, the president of our company, who had experience as a shochu buyer at a liquor store, was impressed by the appeal of old sake, and actually visited Okinawa to realize it through trial and error. It is truly a product suitable for the "AMAHAGAN" series, which challenges the further possibilities of whiskey without being bound by existing ideas.

▼Comment from Mr. Pao Hayakawa, author of "Madoromi Barmaid" The cavalry model had a sharp and spicy impression. You can also get the impression that Kiho fought for pride while being cool, like Kiho showed in the bartender showdown program "Burman Platinum".
In addition, the Hiyoko model felt a gorgeous scent and a strong sweetness. Since it also contains Okinawan awamori, I got the impression that it has both the freshness of the sun, which is Hiyoko's last name, "Hinozaki," and the sweetness that expresses Hisako's coquettishness.
When I mixed the two kinds in equal amounts, added a little water, and drank it straight, the taste was even richer and thicker than when I drank it alone. The illustration on the box was also a difficult request, saying, “You can see at a glance that it can be used alone and can be mixed and drunk”, but I think it turned out to be quite interesting. is.

[Tasting Note]
The second AMAHAGAN Slumber Bar Maid Bottle. Kiho Ibuki's caring and sister-like personality, and her gentle yet sometimes passionate appearance are expressed in a blended malt based on sherry barrel unblended whiskey. In addition, about 50ppm of smoky malt is used as an accent for the dignified behavior shown at the bar counter. Citrus aroma reminiscent of orange from malty flavor. Red berries and rum raisins derived from sherry barrels, and moderately calming tannins tighten the taste.

・Item: Whiskey

・Manufacturer: Nagahama Distillery

・Origin: Shiga Prefecture

・Raw material name: malt

・Alcohol content: 47%

・Contents: 700ml

・Number of bottling: 6,000 bottles