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Canned 1962 RED ALE【350ml】

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Triple collaboration beer of three passionate men born in 1962!

A new series of canned beer is on sale from Yokohama Beer!
"Fresh canned beer poured directly from the barrel"! ! It's not as big as a "barrel" and not as heavy as a "bottle". ! (kannama)
Unfiltered and unheated, the taste that brewers drink at the factory is directly delivered.
It's a draft beer that you can enjoy without a server.

A triple collaboration by three passionate men born in 1962 has been realized and appeared as "1962 RED ALE"! Working beyond the boundaries of the company is "Yokohama Beer" passionate evangelist Kazuhiko Tajiri, "St. Gallen" representative Nobuhisa Iwamoto, "Spring Valley Brewery (SVB) Tokyo" master brewer Tomohiro Tayama. (Listed in order of date of birth)

The three people, who shared their passion for beer and their attitude of standing on the pitch, took on the challenge of “beautiful red beer that resembles a flame.” The beer style (type of beer) is “Yokohama Beer” and Tajiri loves “Red Ale”. With the slogan "Don't let the flame of beer die out -Born in 1962-", the three parties and the knowledge of the brewers of "Yokohama Beer" have been used to complete the beer.

Taste of "1962 RED ALE" An American red ale that uses only a special malt called "Red X". We use plenty of American hops and finish with Kirin's unique "dip hop" method. A beautiful red beer with a gentle yet firm aroma.

・Capacity: 350ml
・ ABV: 5%
・IBU: 38
※Keep refrigerated