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PARTY HAT CAN / Hazy Double IPA【350ml】

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[From the brewery]
DD4D's new series "HOP TREAT SERIES" was born. A slightly luxurious series that uses more hops and auxiliary ingredients than usual. "TREAT" has the meaning of "feast", "a little special fun", and "hospitality", and we hope that everyone's lifestyle will be enriched through DD4D's beer.

Hazy double IPA with Citra hops as the main and multiple hops. The pleasant scent of citrus and pine-like hops overflows from the glass, making you feel like you're at a party and want to dance. A creamy and rich mouthfeel that is very satisfying in one cup will make you feel even better.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: DD4D BREWING
・Origin: Ehime Prefecture ・Alcohol content: 8.0 %
IBUs: 15
・Ingredients: Malt, Oats, Sugars, Hops ・Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Sabro
・Malt: PILSEN, Wheat , Oat Flakes, Carapils
・Contents: 350ml
·style: Hazy Double IPA