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THE CLASSIC starts brewing in Japan! The design has also been renewed!

THE CLASSIC was born at KURA GRAND PARIS, a brewery located in the suburbs of Paris, the capital of food, aiming to create a new standard for sake that is loved around the world.

Based on the brewing recipe design concept of WAKAZE Paris Brewery "KURA GRAND PARIS", which incorporates the latest food trends, this sake has been tuned for Japan through collaboration with traditional techniques of Japanese sake breweries.

The clear sweetness, refreshing sourness derived from white koji, and the skeletal flavor unique to low-polished rice are perfect for pairing with various dishes. You can enjoy it in various scenes from aperitif to eating with low alcohol.

・Item : Sake
・Contents: 720ml
・Alcohol content: 13 degrees
・Ingredients: Rice, rice malt (Tsuyahime from Yamagata Prefecture, rice polishing ratio 90%)
・Seller: WAKAZE Co., Ltd.
・Factory: Kojima Sohonten Co., Ltd.