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Waste 2 Beer “Kata”【350ml】

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It goes down the throat like a sharp “draft beer”.

A hybrid beer that combines a classic Kölsch with a lager-like refreshing taste and smooth throat and grapefruit grown in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is grown with less pesticides and is planned to be discarded. With the addition of outstanding sharpness and a delicate and refreshing citrus taste, it is a perfect drink for the hot season.

Many middle-aged people who are active in both work and private life have been looking for a craft beer that is refreshing and refreshing. "Hikari" is named for those who live in the present with all their might. In addition, a strong interest in food and travel was conspicuous as a tendency of people who like this work.

Dprime Lab #01
AJB Co. × Dprime
Looking for delicious craft beer that is friendly to the global environment.
Utilizing a wide variety of user data, we will develop upcycled beer using ingredients that will be discarded together with the brewery AJB Co., which is working to reduce food loss.
A co-creation project to break new ground in craft beer is about to begin.

Four kinds of beer pilot versions developed based on the various voices of users have finally been completed after a tasting questionnaire by 600 people. By actually drinking and comparing, we analyzed what age and gender preferred the taste, aroma, and taste. The image of the person derived by multiplying the analysis results with user data was expressed in a single kanji character as the product name. We are also particular about the concept of naming.

What is Dprime Lab? Personal data is used for the future. The information that drives corporate innovation creates new value that leads to a sustainable society. You can experience the process.
Dprime Lab is a co-creation project by companies working to solve social issues and information bank service Dprime.
"Dprime" is an information bank application operated by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: AJB Co.
・Origin: Nagano Prefecture
・Alcohol content: 3-3.5 degrees
Ingredients scheduled to be discarded: grapefruit peel
・Contents: 350ml
·style: KÖLSCH