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Tamaasahi Junmai SHORTCAKE【720ml】

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I thought it would be a light and smooth attack, but the sweetness, sourness, and mellowness of the turbidity of the rice spread like a pop, and the fresh and juicy flavors were harmoniously integrated, and it ran down my throat exhilaratingly. , The sweetness and refreshing sourness leave an impression as if you were eating shortcake.
Just like in the image, it is a NewType nigori sake that goes well with sweets such as shortcake, and of course, it is fun to drink alone.
By the way, the 22nd of every month is "Shortcake Day"!

・Manufacturer: Tamaasahi Sake Brewery ・Origin: Toyama Prefecture ・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
・Alcohol content: 14% ・Contents: 720ml