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Hanatomo Yamahai Jun Dai Dai Unpasteurized sake [720ml]

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The refreshing acidity reminiscent of citrus fruits and the gentle bitterness of low-temperature fermentation.In order to dissolve the rice as much as possible, the rice is polished more than the standard rice polishing ratio. It is an attractive sake with a sweet fruity flavor and a bitter acid reminiscent of citrus fruits.
At Miyoshino Jozo, all of our sake is brewed without the addition of yeast, so there is an image of a unique sake. I think you can experience it.

I think that the way of thinking about polishing rice will change depending on how the sake brewery interprets the rice. When the rice melts, there is often a negative image of miscellaneous taste and bitterness in general sake quality design, but it is an important essence for sake brewing that does not suppress the acidity.

unpasteurized sake

It is bottled as an unfiltered raw unprocessed sake without pasteurization.
Depending on the timing of bottling, there may be dregs in it.
Since it is stored at low temperature in a refrigerator, the aging of the taste progresses slowly.
It is characterized by being more flashy and less aged than firing.

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Miyoshino Brewery
・Origin: Nara Prefecture
・Alcohol content: 17 degrees
・Ingredients: rice, rice malt
・Rice polishing ratio: 50%
・Contents: 720ml