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MURCIELAGO - Murcielago - [720ml]

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It has a refreshing aroma like plum and green apple, and it has a well-balanced sweet and sour taste and a soft sweet aftertaste.

Hisashi Shiraki MURCIELAGO ~Murcielago~ has arrived.
This is the second sake made with wine yeast.
The first product, which was released three years ago, was a sake made with Tango-produced Italian rice carnaroli, and the taste was wonderful, reminiscent of California wine.
There were many requests for a sequel, but three years have passed since Carnaroli was not harvested due to bad weather.
This second sake is made with wine yeast using Koshihikari rice from Tango.

The scent is a refreshing scent that feels acid like plums and green apples.
In the second bite, the sweet and sour taste spreads softly, and the gentle sweetness leaves a lasting impression. When the temperature rises, it becomes a gentle drink that mixes lactic acid and apricot.

For the second cup, I like the apricot flavor that brings together the swelling sweetness and sharp acidity. Eventually, it becomes silky with a good balance of acidity and sweetness, and when the temperature rises, it becomes a gentle taste with a hint of sweetness.

By the third cup, the taste becomes more acidic and feels refreshing. Gradually the acid fits the silky and sweet sweetness which is wonderful. When it warms up, lactic acid will appear in a gentle sweetness.

As you drink, it becomes a gentle taste with a good balance of sweetness and sourness, and as it warms up, the soft sweetness increases and it becomes a gentle and healing taste just before the finish.

I thought it would be a sour liquor because it uses wine yeast, but it is a wonderful liquor with a well-balanced sweet and sour taste.

※Keep refrigerated

・Item: Sake
·manufacturer: Shirasugi Sake Brewery
・Origin: Kyoto Prefecture
Raw material rice: Koshihikari from Tango
·Alcohol degree: 13-14 degrees
・Contents: 720ml