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2019 Petit Manseng【750ml】

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Petit Manseng is a variety that has been cultivated in the southwest of France, at the foot of the Pyrenees. It is characterized by small grains, small clusters, and a lively acidity.

Since the trees were planted in the vineyards of Cocoromi Gakuen at the beginning of the 21st century, they have endured the heat of Ashikaga and produced well-ripened grapes while retaining their elegant acidity. A lively white wine.

In addition to apples, quince, and pineapple, the aroma of fermented butter, cream, honey, and dried apricots is well-balanced at a high level with a rich acidity that is good in the mouth and a tightly concentrated flavor. It has a hard impression and umami, such as flint, and a long aftertaste.

Cold flatfish and citrus carpaccio, simmered turnips, soft roe, deep-fried honmoroko, fried shrimp, cod vapour, tilefish cristian, sweet and sour pork, tom yum goong, mimolette junnu, white stilton, crepe suzette, Excellent compatibility with dishes such as marron cream millefeuille!

・Manufacturer: Coco Farm Winery

・Origin: Tochigi Prefecture

・Raw material grape variety: Petit Manseng 100%

・Alcohol content: 11.6%

・Contents: 750ml

2019 プティ・マンサン
2019 Petit Manseng【750ml】 Sale price¥4,299