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2019 Cocoroze [750ml]

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These days, rosé is very popular at home drinking! The 2015 and 2016 vintages are used in JAL international business class!

The color is a bright cherry pink. In addition to the scents of acerola, cherries, cranberries, and strawberry jam, there are also fragrant flavors such as rose hips, mulch, and figs! The mouthfeel is off-dry, with pleasant light acidity and gentle tannins that blend well with the umami.

Watercress salad, spinach with sesame sauce, palm trout and oyster vegetable potage, whitebait canapés, wakasagi escabeche, Dutch-simmered eggplant, Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, stir-fried chicken and peppers with cashew nuts, feta, mozzarella cheese, loquat compote, wasanbon Excellent compatibility with dishes such as cookies!

・Manufacturer: Coco Farm Winery

・Origin: Tochigi Prefecture

・Ingredient grape varieties: Merlot 33%, Muscat Bailey A 33%, Wild grapes 11%, Chardonnay 5%, Delaware 4%, Others 14%

・Alcohol content: 12.1%

・Contents: 750ml