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Ryujo Revive by Dandelion【720ml】

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[Mirai Liquor Store x Raifuku x Seko Brewery Triple Collaboration Kijoshu! ]
“Kijoshu” is a luxurious sake that uses sake instead of water for part of the preparation water, and is characterized by its thick texture and rich sweetness.

We asked Raifuku Sake Brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture, which has a reputation for brewing kijoshu and sake using flower yeast, to brew kijoshu with "dandelion flower yeast".

The sake used as a raw material is junmai ginjo sake from Seko Sake Brewery in Shiga Prefecture, which brews "Ninja", a sake with a rich taste that is particular about local ingredients.

In addition to the rich sweetness unique to kijoshu, the mellow aroma and umami of cereal grains are intense, and the elegant ginjo aroma derived from dandelion yeast wafts there, resulting in a rich and refreshing taste that is well-balanced.

*Refrigeration recommended

・Manufacturer: Raifuku Sake Brewery

・Origin: Ibaraki Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Alcohol content: 15%

・Contents: 720ml

龍驤 Revive by Dandelion
Ryujo Revive by Dandelion【720ml】 Sale price¥2,750