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Ryusei Hibi Rokuzan Yamada Nishiki [720ml/1,800ml]

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It is a sake that goes well with a meal that has a strong salty taste. It is a sake quality design that is especially delicious with cold sake.

Characters of "Hibijo"

A versatile honor student type who always gets excellent grades. Cool, smart and popular. He does everything flawlessly, so he is often relied on.

About “Yamada Nishiki” rice suitable for sake brewing

Yamada Nishiki is a rice suitable for sake brewing, which was created in 1923 by artificially crossing ``Yamadaho'' and ``Tankumo Wataribune'' in 1923. Sake rice that has all the characteristics of rice suitable for sake brewing, such as large heart, low fat and protein, and easy to absorb water. It is used for high-end sake such as rice ginjo sake. It is characterized by a high-quality sake with a strong aroma and a well-balanced taste.

・Item: Sake

・Manufacturer: Fujii Sake Brewery

・Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Alcohol content: 16 degrees

・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml

60% polishing, 100% Yamadanishiki preparation, kimoto preparation