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Kuromatsu Senjo Junmai Ginjo Kinmon Nishiki [720ml/1,800ml]

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A junmai ginjo sake made by polishing Kinmon Nishiki sake rice grown in Shinshu, which is also known as "phantom sake rice", to 50%.

Kinmon Nishiki is a variety of sake rice from Nagano Prefecture, produced by crossing Takane Nishiki and Yamada Nishiki.

Although it was developed in 1964, farmers who cultivated it disappeared due to the difficulty in cultivating it.

Enjoy the harmony of the rich aroma of ginjo yeast and the elegant taste and lightness of Kinmon Nishiki!

IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2022 Sake Division Junmai Ginjo Category: Recommended Sake Award

GI Nagano Certified Nagano Prefecture Junmai Sake Standard Certified Product: Judge Encouragement Sake

Wine Glass Delicious Sake Award 2021 Premium Junmai Category: Gold Award

・Item: Sake

・Manufacturer: Senjo

・Origin: Nagano Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

Kakemai: Kinmon Nishiki from Nagano Prefecture

・Koji Rice: Kinmon Nishiki from Nagano Prefecture

・Rice polishing ratio: 50%

・Alcohol content: 16 degrees

・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml