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Kuromatsu Senjo Dobuto Strawberry [600ml]

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The gentle sweetness and sourness of doburoku is mixed with the fresh flavor of strawberries and the juicy and refreshing sourness and taste of strawberries.

For the raw material strawberries, carefully selected ripe Tochiotome puree from Tochigi Prefecture is used luxuriously. No fragrances or additives are used.

Using 100% ripe Tochiotome grown in Tochigi Prefecture, you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste and juicy aroma of strawberries.

Recommended to drink on the rocks or chilled.

※Keep refrigerated

・Raw material rice: Rice from Nagano Prefecture

・Manufacturer: Senjo

・Origin: Nagano Prefecture

・Ingredients: Unrefined sake (domestic production), strawberry puree (domestic production)

・Alcohol content: 4%

・Contents: 600ml