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Kizakura Sakura Chronos Blended Malt 2022 [700ml]

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By blending malt whiskey and Scotch whiskey prepared at the Tamba Distillery, we maximize the goodness of each other.

It features an aroma of faint spices such as white peach, spearmint and cinnamon, and a taste reminiscent of a sweet and mellow fruit tart. The mouthfeel is smooth and gentle, and the lingering finish is of Muscat with a pleasant wooden barrel feel. The fruity aroma and faint bitterness accentuate this blended malt that you won't get tired of drinking.

You can enjoy a refreshing highball with a herbal flavor when mixed with soda.

・Item: Whiskey

・Manufacturer: Tamba Distillery

・Origin: Hyogo Prefecture

・Raw material name: malt

・Alcohol content: 47 degrees

・Contents: 700ml