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Mutsu Hassen Daiginjo [720ml]

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[Recommended for Father's Day gifts! Mutsu Hassen's classic Daiginjo sake]

Daiginjo brewed by Hachinohe Sake Brewery Mutsu Hassen, which has won the world's number one sake brewery ranking in the world sake brewery ranking.

After about half a year of storage and maturation in the brewery, the fragrance is gorgeous and calm, and you can feel the sweetness and round taste.

It is recommended to enjoy it with cold sake.

If you want to give sake to someone who likes sake, but you don't know much about it, so you don't know which one to choose, you can definitely choose this sake!

*Refrigeration recommended

Manufacturer: Mutsu Hassen

Place of Origin: Aomori Prefecture

Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice), brewed alcohol

Alcohol content: 16 degrees

Contents: 720ml

陸奥八仙 大吟醸
Mutsu Hassen Daiginjo [720ml] Sale price¥4,200