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Tanigawa snow salami half size 120g

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[Official online store reservation super popular product waiting for more than 12 months! ]

Italian-style pure domestic white mold raw salami that is hung in an aging cellar for 8 weeks.

It has a fresh and refreshing scent with green pepper, and a deep flavor brought out by aging, and when you bite into it, the flavor will overflow!

It became popular after it was introduced on the popular TV program "Aozora Restaurant" , and it is currently a very popular item that is difficult to obtain as it is a reserved product with a waiting list of more than 12 months on the official online store .

Heat-treated salami is the mainstream for most domestically produced salami. This product is a very thick raw salami, but raw salami of this class thickness is very rare in Japan. It seems that it took a lot of trouble to prepare the environment to realize this thickness, and it took more than 7 years to develop.

If you dry the salami too quickly, it will begin to dry from the outside, so if you dry it too quickly, you will end up with cavities inside. Therefore, the thicker it is, the more difficult it is to manufacture, and it requires an environment that can maintain the temperature and humidity, and above all, it takes time. Therefore, salami that is generally distributed is often thin.

Due to its warm and humid climate, Japan is unsuitable for the production of large-diameter fresh salami, and there is a very high risk that it will rot before completion, so there are only a few producers.

In Europe, it is common to eat pork raw, but in Japan it is not permitted under the Food Sanitation Law. It seems that there were a number of challenges that had to be cleared in order for the production and sale of fresh salami to be recognized in Japan, but in the end they were able to meet the conditions to comply with the JAS standards, and this raw salami became a commercial product. I was able to

It took seven years to overcome these challenges because he wanted people to enjoy the taste of raw salami, which is commonly enjoyed in Italy, at Japanese dining tables.

The white mold that has a noble rot around it is the same fungus that is used to ripen Camembert cheese from France, and it creates the deep flavor of this salami.

We use unblended sake from Nagai Shuzo, a famous sake brewery in Gunma Prefecture, which is also handled by Mirai Saketen.

Green pepper is the only spice. It is put in a whole state so that the fragrance can be maintained even after long-term aging. It is also recommended for pepper lovers who love pepper.

The price may seem a little high compared to other heated salami, but the addictive taste of this raw salami, made with time and effort, will surely satisfy the price.

Since it takes two months to manufacture, there are many items that are out of stock, but Mirai Sake Shop regularly stocks this product, so please try it when it is in stock!

Nominated for the "Ultimate Souvenir" supervised by the Japan Tourism Agency!

※Keep refrigerated

Manufacturer: Ikufudo butcher shop

Production area: Gunma Prefecture

Ingredients: Pork (domestic), salt, spices, sake (Tanigawadake Ginjo Genshu), coloring agent (sodium nitrite), antioxidant (V.C) (part of the ingredients contain milk)

Contents: 120g