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Ultimate Hanagaki Junmai Daiginjo [720ml]

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[characterized by elegant sweetness and sourness! Hanagaki's limited quantity Junmai Daiginjo sake ! ]

Aiming to surpass the king of sake rice, Yamada Nishiki, the new variety "Sakahomare" developed by the Fukui Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station is polished to 39% and brewed using yeast from Fukui Prefecture. It is the ultimate flower fence.

It features a scent reminiscent of lychee and melon, and an elegant sweetness and sourness that makes you feel like you have bitten into the fruit.

Rice, water, and yeast are all made in Fukui, and this sake will deliver the ultimate time that Fukui's climate creates.

It is a gem that is very appreciated as a gift for Father's Day.

Would you like to give your father a gift of the ultimate time to heal your daily fatigue?

※ Keep refrigerated

Manufacturer: Nanbu Sake Brewery

Place of Origin: Fukui Prefecture

Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

Raw material rice used: Sakahomare 100%

Alcohol content: 16 degrees

Contents: 720ml

至極の花垣 純米大吟醸
Ultimate Hanagaki Junmai Daiginjo [720ml] Sale price¥5,833