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Junmai Daiginjo Kinshari Unfiltered Sake [720ml/1,800ml]

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Junmai Daiginjo made with 100% Sasanishiki rice grown locally in Kyotango.

The ginjo aroma reminiscent of green apples spreads elegantly, and the impactful umami unique to Sasanishiki spreads throughout your mouth, but it has a refreshing aftertaste.

After bottling, it is bottled only once to create an unfiltered sake that retains its freshness. Please enjoy the supreme sake of Sasanishiki.

Shirasugi Sake Brewery is particular about brewing sake using only edible rice in Kyotango, an area where edible rice is so delicious that it has been certified as the only special A district for Koshihikari rice in western Japan.

This is a book filled with the desire to make delicious sake from rice that is delicious to eat.

・Raw material: Tango Sasanishiki 100%

・Manufacturer: Shirasugi Sake Brewery

・Origin: Kyoto Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Alcohol content: 15 degrees or more and less than 16 degrees

・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml


・Yummy type: Shara Shara