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Beef and iron plate STEAK【720ml/1800ml】

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By pairing it with a dish that uses wagyu beef as the main ingredient, the food and sake will complement each other, and you can enjoy the deliciousness of this sake.

It is characterized by its deep umami and mellowness due to aging, and the aftertaste that can be cut cleanly without leaving any residue on the tongue.

We value not only the umami but also the beauty and balance of the taste. The aroma is clear and subdued, and it is finished so that you can drink it as an accompaniment to a meal without getting tired of it.

It is a sake that has a strong sourness and umami, and is best served hot.

・Manufacturer: Yasufuku Matashiro Shoten

・Origin: Hyogo Prefecture

・Ingredients: rice, rice koji, brewing alcohol

・Alcohol content: 18%

・Contents: 720ml/1800ml