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Shoro Colorful 【720ml / 1800ml】

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A sweet potato shochu with a distinctive aroma that is a blend of gorgeous and fragrant new sake made with Tamaakane (white koji) and 3-year old sake made with black koji (black koji) that has a sweetness like honey and a strong richness.

You can feel the tropical scent after the scent of white flowers such as Earl Gray.

You can feel the umami flavor when mixed with hot water, and the gorgeousness when mixed with carbonated water, making it an excellent base for cocktails.

* There are two types of label colors: green x orange and blue x pink. We will deliver it with a label of one of the colors. If you have a color preference, please let us know in the remarks column. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request depending on stock availability.

・Item: authentic shochu

・Manufacturer: Shoro Sake Brewery

・Origin: Miyazaki Prefecture

・Ingredients: sweet potato (tama madder, Miyazaki Beni), rice malt

・Alcohol content: 30 degrees

・Contents: 720ml

Shoro Colorful 【720ml / 1800ml】
Shoro Colorful 【720ml / 1800ml】 Sale price¥1,687