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Minakami Dried Pork Sangenton 32g

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Gunma Prefecture is one of the leading pig farming areas in Japan, and there are many branded pigs.

One such brand pork is Gunma Mugibuta.

It has a good balance of lean meat and fat, and while it has a rich flavor, it doesn't have the peculiar taste of pork.

A bouillon made by boiling fresh flavored vegetables, bay leaves, ginger, and garlic in Minakami water.

German spices are dissolved in bouillon prepared with time and effort, sliced ​​Gunma Mugibuta thigh meat is marinated overnight, and finished with wild cherry chips.

It is a talented jerky that fills your mouth with the umami of meat, spices, and the aroma of smoked meat.

Manufacturer: Ikufudo

Production area: Gunma Prefecture

Ingredients: Pork (domestic), salt, spices, sake (Tanigawadake Ginjo Genshu), coloring agent (sodium nitrite), antioxidant (V.C) (part of the ingredients contain milk)

Contents: 32g
みなかみ仕込 干し豚 三元豚
Minakami Dried Pork Sangenton 32g Sale price¥535