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i240 Junmai Ginjo Sonomai Unfiltered Raw Sake [720ml/1,800ml]

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[The “Iwanoi Red Label” series has been renewed! ]

“Iwanoi Red Label” series has been renewed as “i240”! “i240” is a combination of the “i” of the Iwanoi brand and the hardness of the water used for brewing “240”. It is unfiltered unfiltered unprocessed whiskey made by bottling the freshly squeezed "Nakagumi" which is the most delicious liquor. You can feel the "foaming feeling" brought about by the strong fermentation with super hard water unique to Iwanoi!

It is prepared by polishing 50% of rice suitable for sake brewing "Sonomai" cultivated only in Chiba prefecture. 1801 yeast is mixed in the yeast only in the red label series, and you can enjoy the rich aroma! You can enjoy the sweetness and umami with a sense of transparency.

Shime mackerel, salt-grilled sweetfish, bagna cauda, ​​Garcia-style octopus, herb-grilled mussels, veal saltimbocca, and more!

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Iwase Sake Brewery

・Origin: Chiba Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Alcohol content: 17%

Rice polishing ratio: 50%

・Contents: 720ml or 1,800ml