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Uchuu Monster / DDH HONEY IPA【350ml】

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Said to be the most terrifying monster in the galaxy, the Uchu monster sneaks up quietly, eats our fifth-dimensional fruits, and makes us forget that we are Uchu.
What should I do to protect myself from the Uchu monsters? ! Teach me, Uchu-sensei!
"You have always been and always will be the universe! Don't worry! You are the universe!"
[Brewers Note]
Uchu-sensei gave me a recipe for IPA with honey, which is said to work well against Uchu-monsters.
Creamy Lychee Lemon Honey Mikan Strawberry!

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Uchu Brewing

・Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture

・Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in Canada), oats, hops, honey, maltodextrin, lactose

・Alcohol content: 7 degrees

・Contents: 350ml