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Tenon ITONAMI plum wine [500ml]

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[Ume itonami that tastes sour every time you drink]

A new project to create "sake" that expresses the life of Japan, Itonami Brewery 2nd, Itonami Umeshu.

An exquisite balance of Tenno Junmai sake and three kinds of plums (green plums, fully ripened plums, and green plums after pickling).

Pure rice sake and honey are soft on the palate. After that, a solid sour plum wine.

The acidity of green plums, the acidity of fully ripened plums, the acidity of pickled plums, and the multi-layered acidity.

We recommend drinking it chilled straight, on the rocks, or with soda.

Please see here for the details of this plum wine, which was born with a tremendous amount of effort that cannot be described in a single word.

Itonami plum wine

・Manufacturer: Itakura Sake Brewery

・Origin: Shimane Prefecture

・Ingredients: Pure rice wine, plum (produced in Okuizumo), honey (domestic), amazake (manufactured in-house)

・Alcohol content: 12 degrees

・Contents: 500ml