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Canned Beer for Adults / West Coast Style IPA【365ml】

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[Golden West Coast Style IPA! Good sharpness that you can drink! ]

The maltiness is suppressed and it goes into your throat smoothly, and you can drink up a can in no time!

Citra, Centennial, and Zeus hops are used for a citrus-like scent and a juicy flavor that gives you a refreshing feeling.

It has the bitterness typical of IPA, but the astringency and harshness are suppressed as much as possible to create a pleasant bitterness.

An IPA with a clear mouthfeel and rich hops.

A beer that goes well with meals and can be drunk on a daily basis.

A beer for adults with a luxurious taste. Drink this beer and enjoy adult fun!

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Ushitora Brewery

・Origin: Tochigi Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 6.5%

・IBU: 39

・Style: American West Coast Style IPA

・Contents: 365ml