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Yoshikoro Junmai Ginjo [720ml/1800ml]

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Kamisokoro Sake Brewery's sake is brewed with the aim of producing "Umakuchi Sake".

The refreshing effervescence and calming aroma make it a calming sake that goes well with any meal.

We focus on the overall balance of the sake, so you can enjoy it without getting tired of drinking it.

It is recommended to enjoy it cold.

It's a popular sake that has a juiciness that reminds you of peaches and green apples, but it's not too sweet and sharp.

・Manufacturer: Yoshikoro Sake Brewery

・Origin: Okayama Prefecture

・Ingredients: rice, rice malt

・Alcohol content: 15.8 degrees

・Contents: 720ml/1800ml

Yoshikoro Junmai Ginjo [720ml/1800ml]
Yoshikoro Junmai Ginjo [720ml/1800ml] Sale price¥1,691