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Cream cheese miso pickles from Shinshu Misoya

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A rich taste that melts in your mouth!

Miso pickled cream cheese that is popular now.

Recommended as a topping for salads and pizza.

By all means with Japanese sake and wine

※Keep refrigerated

Manufacturer: Raisaburo Inagaki

Production area: Nagano Prefecture

Ingredients: Cream cheese (manufactured in the United States) (cream, milk, salt), rice miso (soybeans (not genetically modified), rice, salt, alcohol), fermented seasoning (starch syrup, fermented seasoning liquid (rice (domestic), rice) Koji (domestic rice), alcohol, salt)), sugar/stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), acidulant, seasoning (amino acid) (contains some milk ingredients and soybeans)

Contents: 80g