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Sanjuku / Triple IPA【365ml】

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[Triple hop bitter beer! A triple IPA that is great to drink! ]

It has 10% alcohol and 100 IBU and has a stimulating taste.

Hops are dry hopped with Mosaic and Idaho 7 for a juicy and clean finish with ripe tropical fruit flavors.

The IBU is high, but the bitterness and astringency are less and the bitterness is well-balanced.

Although it has a strong taste, I can drink it smoothly, and before I knew it, I was drunk!

It has both the boredom and addictiveness that make you want to drink every day.

Ushitora's unique taste of triple IPA, please be careful not to drink too much and get a hangover...

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Ushitora Brewery

・Origin: Tochigi Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 10.0%

・IBU: 100

・Style: American Triple IPA

・Contents: 365ml