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Wonder Momo Million Live! / Peach Milkshake Sour Ale【330ml】

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"Wonder Momo", which was released in barrels for restaurants and was very popular, is now available in cans!

The haze-like body reminiscent of peaches has a fresh peach aroma.

The balance between the sharp fruity acidity and the sweetness of lactose is sure to captivate the drinker!

Let's skip spring and feel the summer with a milkshake sour that is highly drinkable and can be enjoyed!

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Derailleur Brew Works

・Origin: Osaka Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 5.5%

・Contents: 350ml

Ingredients: malt, white peach, lactose, hops

・IBU: 6

・Style: Peach Milkshake Sour Ale