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Single Malt Japanese Whiskey Sakurao [700ml]

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Taste refined by the sea and wind of Setouchi
SAKURAO DISTILLERY is located in Hatsukaichi City, with the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the Chugoku Mountains to the north. Warm winds from the sea and cold winds from the mountains arrive at the Sakurao Storage Warehouse in the distillery, creating large temperature differences throughout the year. The temperature difference accelerates the aging of whiskey. In addition, because it is located on the sea side, the aging barrels are also characterized by the gentle scent of the Seto Inland Sea. The scent of raisins, oranges and peaches spreads, and you can feel the sweetness of vanilla and the moderate astringency and sourness. Enjoy the pleasant smoky and barrel scent, and the long-lasting, rich sweet scent.

Aged in a cellar in Sakurao, the place where it was founded
The barrels in which the unblended malt whiskey sleeps have a faint hint of the tide coming from the Seto Inland Sea, which stands close to the storage.

・Color: dark amber

・Aroma: raisin, orange, peach

・Taste: Vanilla sweetness, moderate bitterness and sourness

・Finish: Smoky, with a long aftertaste of barrel aroma and rich sweet aroma


・Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture

・Raw material name: malt

・Alcohol content: 43 %

・Contents: 700ml