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Salted salmon long bottle 200g

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A fermented food that is carefully seasoned and matured with domestic rice koji and salmon roe, using only the fattest part of the fat Atlantic salmon.

Salmon harasu has a soft part and a moderate texture close to the skin, and you can enjoy the melting taste and salty koji flavor while enjoying the difference in texture.

It has an exquisite flavor that goes well with rice or sake.

On October 7, 2022, Nippon Television's lifestyle information program and variety program "Hirunandesu" introduced Hokkai no Hana salmon salted fish as one of the top 10 accompaniments of rice selected by rice farmers.

"Salmon salted fish" was introduced as a recommended accompaniment to rice in the "Together morning rice corner" of the Nippon TV information program "ZIP!" broadcast on April 4, 2022. Miura Anna also enjoyed a bowl of rice with salmon salted fish!

Mr. Ryota Sakai of Onikoshi Tomahawk recommended "salmon salted fish" in the recommended order gourmet presentation confrontation of Nippon Television's late-night variety information program "Hama-chan ga!"

※Keep refrigerated

Manufacturer: Sanko

Production area: Niigata Prefecture

Ingredients: Atlantic salmon (imported), rice koji, sake, salt and salmon roe, salt, fermented seasoning, protein hydrolyzate (including pork and soybeans), red pepper, sugar/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, acidity ingredients, pH adjuster, red pepper extract, antioxidant (vitamin C), stabilizer (xanthan)

Contents: 200g