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Kunoichi Egg Pop Sake Cup [Purple]

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The "Kunoichi" series is a full-fledged unfiltered raw sake that has a firm body and is full of umami, but it is not too sweet and you can feel the dryness at the end.

“Kunoichi no Tamago Pop Cup Sake” is made by blending unblended whiskey with brewing water to create an easy-to-drink, refreshing sake.

It is finished in a work that beginners (eggs) of Japanese sake can enjoy!

This is a collaboration product with Seko Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., where the owner of the Kawago store serves as the public relations manager.

・Manufacturer: Seko Sake Brewery

・Origin: Shiga Prefecture

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Alcohol content: 14 to 15 degrees

・Contents: 180ml

くのいちのたまご ポップなカップ酒【紫】
Kunoichi Egg Pop Sake Cup [Purple] Sale price¥550