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Kimi no Wakana no Wana Kamone / Yuzu Sour IPA【330ml】

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[Great compatibility with Takoyaki! ? beer appeared! ]

A sour IPA with the concept of beer that goes well with salted takoyaki. Seeking a marriage of "salt and citrus", we use yuzu peel as a secondary ingredient and American hops, so the citrus flavor is amazing!

The aroma is a refreshing yuzu scent that can be felt from afar, and you can enjoy the citrus and light acidity from the moment you put it in your mouth until it goes down your throat. Refills of takoyaki and beer are a must!

※Keep refrigerated

・Manufacturer: Derailleur Brew Works

・Origin: Osaka Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 4.0%

・Contents: 350ml

・IBU: 10

・Style: Yuzu Sour IPA