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Omoshirobiru / Belgian White【365ml】

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[Belgian white with a soft citrus aroma]

Belgian White generally uses dried orange peel, but this beer also uses fruit and vegetable oranges for a fresh aroma.

Organic wheat and oats from Tochigi Prefecture that have not been malted give it a mellow taste, but the finish has a dry taste.

The characteristic phenolic taste derived from Belgian white yeast gives you a satisfying feeling!

Fruit and vegetable oranges are used for aroma, and dried orange peel and coriander are added for flavor in a well-balanced manner. Belgian white made with carefully selected ingredients.

Belgian White may have been the reason why you fell in love with craft beer. If you drink this beer for the first time in craft beer, you might get addicted to the swamp of craft beer! ?

Also, even if you already drink various craft beers, if you go around and drink Belgian White again, you may discover a taste that you didn't notice at the time!

・Manufacturer: Ushitora Brewery

・Origin: Tochigi Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 4.5%

・IBU: 6

・Style: Belgian White

・Contents: 365ml