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菊の司 直汲生原酒 無垢-innocent- 2020

Kiku no Tsukasa Directly Drawn Unpasteurized Pure -innocent- 2020

Squeezed, moment.

Freshly brewed new sake spurting out of the tank.

Fresh aroma, pure taste.

This impression is something that only brewers are allowed to witness, no matter how advanced the distribution is today.

I want to share this moment with as many people as possible.

A pure and innocent sake born with such a feeling.

That is Kikunotsukasa Sake Brewery's direct draft raw undiluted sake [Muku -innocent-].

Kikunotsukasa Sake Brewery is the oldest sake brewery in the prefecture, located in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.

Although it is located in the center of Morioka, the Nakatsu River, which flows directly behind the brewery, is a calm and beautiful clear stream. We are working on sake brewing by pumping up the underground water of Nakatsu River as preparation water. This sake brewery uses medium-soft natural water and brews in Morioka, which is said to be the coldest place in Honshu, where the mornings and evenings are severely cold.

Jikakumi, nama, and genshu are freshly squeezed sake that is unfiltered, unheated, and unwatered, and is bottled straight from the tank.

With direct brewing, you can enjoy a flavor that is extremely close to freshly squeezed sake that can only be tasted at sake breweries. In addition, since direct pumping does not involve a pump, it does not lose dissolved carbon dioxide, and it has a crisp gas feeling.

At MUKU -innocent- 2020, we will select 8 bottles from the tanks that we will prepare this year and deliver them as direct-pumped raw undiluted sake.

All of them are bottled from different tanks, so please enjoy the exquisite differences in flavor for each preparation and the differences in specifications such as raw rice and yeast.

Kiku no Tsukasa Directly Drawn Unpasteurized Pure -innocent- 2020

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