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When the DD4D brand was born in 1998, it was an apparel brand with one store in Matsuyama City.

The style continues to change with the times, and in May 2019, a brewery opened inside a clothing store! It was born from the idea of "doing what you like without being bound by common sense".

We continue to create new beers every week, and have produced over 100 types of high-quality and unique beers over the past three years. At the end of 2021, the production of canned beer will also start in the second construction. Through free and playful "challenges", we aim to be a brand that is close to our customers.

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Sold outDD4D Barley Wine 2021 / Barleywine
Sold outLemon Bon Bon / Fruit IPA【350ml】
Sold outPARTY HAT CAN / Hazy Double IPA【350ml】
Sold outDon Jalapeño / Chili Infused IPA【350ml】
Sold outShikuwasa ShiriShiri IPA / Hazy IPA【350ml】