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Ayakiku Sake Brewery

The heart that loves the hometown is the origin of "Ayagiku".

It has inherited the basics of sake brewing with Ooseto rice grown in Kagawa Prefecture, as it has been since its founding.

Using local Kagawa-produced rice and abundant subsoil water, the company strives to brew sake in an environment that is suitable for the calm climate of Sanuki.

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Sold out綾菊 特別純米おいでまい生貯蔵原酒【720ml】
綾菊 かりん酒【720ml】
綾菊 かりん酒【720ml】
Sale price¥1,409
綾菊 AWA SAKE 泡菊【720ml】
綾菊 AWA SAKE 泡菊【720ml】
Sale price¥5,600
綾菊 さぬきオリーブ SPARKLING SAKE【360ml】
主基のさと 超辛口純米 無濾過生原酒【1800ml】