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Tamaasahi Sake Brewery

Founded in 1808.
The slogan is “Onkochishin”, and the products that match the trends of the times are available.

In recent years, under the theme of "sake that never goes well with Japanese food," you can also enjoy sake with a unique aroma, such as using yeast from natural alpine plants in Toyama Prefecture and yeast collected from tulip pollen.

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Sold outECHOES Shubo Shibori Junmai Nama Sake [720ml/1800ml]
Sold out玉旭 そよかぜ純米【720ml】
Sold out玉旭 純米 SHORTCAKE【720ml】
玉旭 大吟醸 生酒 BLUE【720ml】
玉旭 純米吟醸 SILVER【720ml】
Sold out玉旭 本醸造 にごり酒【720ml】