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Mitobe Sake Brewery

Founded in 1898.

The sake, which is brewed with underground water from the Ou Mountains, which is quite hard, is characterized by a sharp and hard finish, which is called a "famous sword for sharpness." We make full use of traditional Japanese techniques to achieve the highest quality sake.
In addition, with the motto of making sake from rice farming, he established an agricultural production corporation and is also cultivating Yamada Nishiki himself.

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山形正宗 とろとろ梅酒
山形正宗 まろら
Sold out山形正宗 純米吟醸 雄町
Sold out山形正宗 純米吟醸 愛山【720ml】
山形正宗 純米吟醸 金箔酒【1800ml】
Sold out山形正宗 辛口純米