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Kawago Liquor Store

Kawago Liquor Store was born through a tag with Seko Sake Brewery, where Hina Kawago, who loves Japanese sake, was appointed as the general manager of public relations.

Please enjoy the new deliciousness, fun and design that will be brought into the world of Japanese sake.

Kawago Hina: In 2011, she passed Nogizaka46's first generation audition and moved to Tokyo. During the group activities, he worked as a producer and an exclusive model for the fashion magazine "Popteen" under the nickname Kawago P. She graduated from the group in December 2018 and is currently working as a freelance multiplayer.

Seko Sake Brewery: A sake brewery in Koka City that brews “ninja” with the theme of terroir.
The "Ninja" series is a highly acclaimed sake both in Japan and overseas, winning the Platinum Award at France's top sake competition, KURA MASTER.

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