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Obata Sake Brewery

We have created the word ``Shiho Wajo'', which is brewed with the harmony of the four treasures of ``rice'', ``water'', ``people'', and ``Sado''. .
It is also unique in that it uses rice grown with reduced chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

One of the charms of this sake is that it has won gold prizes 10 times in total at Japan's top national sake competition.

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Manozuru Breeze [720ml/1,800ml]
Manozuru Breeze [720ml/1,800ml]
Sale priceFrom ¥612
Sold outかなでる 純米大吟醸 おりからみ pizzicato【720ml】
真野鶴 父福 純米大吟醸
Sold outかなでる 純米吟醸 生もと largamente 生【720ml】
Sold out真野鶴 辛口純米酒
Sold out大吟醸 真野鶴 万穂
Daiginjo Manozuru Manho [720ml/1800ml]
Sale priceFrom ¥5,911
Sold out真野鶴 緑紋 純吟中取り無濾過生原酒