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Because it is located in the Harima Plains, the hometown of Yamada Nishiki, only high-quality local rice is carefully selected.
In addition, because it is brewed only with that rice and subsoil water from the Harima Central Hills, you can feel the taste of each local sake rice and enjoy the sour taste of umakuchi sake.

That's why it goes well with food and is a delicious sake to drink while eating.

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富久錦 純米原酒 Fu.
Sold out富久錦 純米にごり酒【720ml】
Sold out純青生もと純米吟醸 兵庫夢錦 おりがらみ【720ml/1800ml】純青生もと純米吟醸 兵庫夢錦 おりがらみ【720ml/1800ml】
Sold out富久錦 純米 しぼりたて【1,800ml】富久錦 純米 しぼりたて【720ml】
吟霞 純米大吟醸 しずく生あらばしり【720ml】
純青 兵庫夢錦 生もと純米大吟醸 14【720ml・1800ml】純青 兵庫夢錦 生もと純米大吟醸 14【720ml・1800ml】
純青 播州雄町 生もと純米吟醸 【720ml】Pure Blue Banshu Omachi Ikimoto Junmai Ginjo [720ml / 1800ml]
Sold out富久錦 スパークリング純米酒 Bucu【250ml】
純青 愛山 生もと純米吟醸 おりがらみ生