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Myoko Sake Brewery

The motto is "dignified sake", and the dignified atmosphere and elegant sake are the most important.

The most important thing for that elegance is koji.

This elegance is created by using moderately soft water for preparation and high-quality rice locally grown in Niigata Prefecture.

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Sold out妙高山 蔵人栽培米 純米吟醸 八十八【720ml】
Sold out妙高山 純米吟醸原酒 COOL DIAMOND【720ml・1800ml】妙高山 純米吟醸原酒 COOL DIAMOND【720ml・1800ml】
Sold outJunmai Ginjo Myokosan lees garami unrefined sake [720ml/1800ml]Junmai Ginjo Myokosan lees garami unrefined sake [720ml/1800ml]
Sold out妙高山 純米吟醸 PINK CLOVER【720ml】Myokosan Junmai Ginjo PINK CLOVER【720ml / 1800ml】
Sold out妙高山 新酒 フレッシュスペード【720ml】妙高山 新酒 フレッシュスペード【1800ml】
Sold out妙高山 大吟醸 三割五分【720ml・1800ml】
Sold out妙高山 赤い酒 旨口【500ml】
Sold out妙高山 特別純米酒
純米大吟醸 妙高山
Junmai Daiginjo Myokosan [720ml/1,800ml]
Sale priceFrom ¥2,916
Mt. Myoko 88 [1800ml]
Mt. Myoko 88 [1800ml]
Sale price¥3,733