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Senjo / Kuromatsu Senjo

We aim to maximize the characteristics of rice, which is a blessing of nature, the characteristics of microorganisms such as koji mold and yeast, and the individuality and strengths of our staff, contribute to society, and enhance the culture of rice fermentation. mark.

In addition, we have made Raicho a symbol character because we want to pass on the rice fermentation culture to the future and contribute to agriculture, beautiful landscapes, and the protection of Raicho and its ecosystem.

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Sold out黒松仙醸 どぶろく
Kuromatsu Senjo Doburoku [600ml]
Sale price¥1,579
Sold out黒松仙醸 どぶといちご
Sold outKuromatsu Senjo Dobu and Yuzu [600ml]
Kuromatsu Senjo Dobu and Yuzu [600ml]
Sale price¥1,750
Sold out黒松仙醸 純米吟醸 金紋錦
Sold outシェリー樽熟成 米焼酎 高遠
黒松仙醸 大吟醸 松治郎
Kuromatsu Senjo Daiginjo Matsujiro [720ml]
Sale priceFrom ¥5,989
Sold out黒松仙醸 辛口純米