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Niida Honke

A sake brewery that protects Japanese rice fields.
Our credo is to be “a sake that you can drink with peace of mind, a sake that has the life of rice”.

Fertilizer-free, pesticide-free natural rice, two types of natural water: soft water from mountain springs and hard water from wells near rice fields, and sake mash made from natural rice. felt.

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しぜんしゅ 純米吟醸
Sold outShizenshu Kimoto Melon 3.33 [720ml/1,800ml]Shizenshu Kimoto Melon 3.33 [720ml/1,800ml]
Sold outSummer Calm Junmai Ginjo Chumi [720ml/1800ml]
Sold outしぜんしゅ 生もと はつゆき生しぜんしゅ 生もと はつゆき生
Sold outしぜんしゅ にごり
Shizenshu cloudy [720ml]
Sale price¥1,776
Sold outにいだぐらんくりゅ【720ml】
Niida Grand Cru [720ml]
Sale price¥8,712
しぜんしゅ生酛 燗誂
Sold outCalm Junmai Ginjo lightly cloudy [720ml/1,800ml]
にいだの料理酒 旬味 純米原酒 自然米【720ml】
Calm pure rice brewing sake from the finest rice OmachiCalm pure rice brewing sake from the finest rice Omachi