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Article: Don't you just drink? Japanese Sake Tasting Event EBISU-MITSUKOSHI - Tosa Sake Brewery

飲むだけじゃない?日本酒試飲イベント 未来日本酒店 EBISU-MITSUKOSHI -土佐酒造

Don't you just drink? Japanese Sake Tasting Event EBISU-MITSUKOSHI - Tosa Sake Brewery

This time, writer Yorozuya went to the sake tasting event held by "Mirai Sake Store EBISU-MITSUKOSHI " on the weekend!

People from sake breweries from all over Japan come to visit us every week, and this time we have "Tosa Brewery". We tasted sake from Tosa Shuzo and heard various stories from Mr. Ose of "Tosa Shuzo" ​​and Mr. Yamazaki, the manager of "Mirai Nihonshuten EBISU-MITSUKOSHI ".

Back left : Mirai Sake Store EBISU-MITSUKOSHI Manager Yamazaki, Front right : Mr. Ose from Tosa Sake Brewery

■ Tosa Sake Brewery

"Tosa Sake Brewery" is a sake brewery founded in 1877 in Kochi Prefecture. We have continued to make high-quality sake in the soft water of the headwaters of the Yoshino River and the clear air of the high altitude Shikoku Mountains.

No other sake brewery can imitate the sake brewing that uses only sake rice grown in the local terraced rice fields and within a 5 km radius of the company.

■ If you let me taste it immediately

The first one I tasted was "Sparkling Sake Hao "

This is a sparkling sake following " Sparkling Sake Takumi (John) " made by the president of Tosa Sake Brewery for a friend in the bay.

It won the jury prize ( 1st place in the category ) and the platinum prize in the sparkling standard category of the sake competition called Kura Master held in France. Regarding the production method, he emphasizes "terroir" in wine terms and is particular about local Kochi rice .

Yorozuya: What kind of explanation do you usually give at the tasting party?

Mr. Ose: I'm always talking. However, in conversations with customers, I try to ask them what they like and make recommendations.

Yorozuya: The story and background of how sake is made is interesting.

Mr. Ose: I think that by having them know the basic information about what kind of concept and how it is made to create this taste, I think it will change the way you look at sake and how you feel when you drink it. I am trying to tell you.

The second is "Keigetsu Super Dry Special Pure Rice Sake 60".

This is a dry but refreshing sake that you can drink many cups. For local snacks, it goes well with bonito tataki and arai. Kochi is a land with many drinkers, so there is a lot of demand for sake with a refreshing taste that does not make you tired even after drinking a lot.

Yorozuya: There are differences even among dry ones.

Mr. Ose: Each customer has a different taste, so the way they feel it also varies. Some people prefer a dry sake with a fuller body.

Manager Yamazaki: This is a popular sake that is often purchased when we introduce several dry types of sake to our customers.

The third is "Keigetsu Aikawa Tadashi Yamahai Junmai Sake 58"

This sake is characterized by the depth of flavor that can only be found in Yamahai-shikomi sake, and is said to be extremely popular among sake lovers. It goes well with simmered dishes and shabu-shabu, as well as blue cheese and fatty tuna.

Yorozuya: What you eat together is also important.

Mr. Ose: That's right. Even with dry sake, this sake has a strong taste, so it goes well with something with a strong punch. However, each person has their own way of feeling, so I'm just introducing it as one suggestion.

The fourth is "Keigetsu CEL24 Junmai Daiginjo 50"

It is said that this is a liquor that boasts explosive popularity now. CEL-24 is the name of a yeast from Kochi prefecture developed by a research institute in Kochi.

Kura Master 2019 Junmai Daiginjo Category Platinum Award Winner. IWC2019 Junmai Daiginjo category gold medal winner. This sake has a high reputation overseas.

Yorozuya: By the way, what is the number on this label?

Mr. Ose: This is called the rice polishing ratio, and it is a number that shows how much the rice has been milled. The smaller the number, the more the sake has been shaved from the outside.

As an aside, this label was actually designed by our president himself because he wanted to create a design that would be accepted overseas. It seems that foreigners often judge the quality of a product by the rice polishing ratio, so we always include the rice polishing ratio so that even those people can easily understand.

Yorozuya: What kind of customers do you have at this store?

Manager Yamazaki: I drink sake because it's delicious and I like it, but how should I choose it? Most people say that, and there are few people who have specialized knowledge of sake.

Yorozuya: That's right. It seems that even such a person will be able to choose if he listens to the story like this.

Manager Yamazaki: We want people who are unfamiliar with sake to enjoy more and more delicious sake. For that reason, we strive to make our customers feel that we are a place where they can choose delicious sake without having to have difficult knowledge. In addition to listening to the customer's preferences, I try to recommend the best sake for each customer while listening to the details of the meal of the day.

5th is " YUZU SAKE "

Sake made with yuzu, a special product of Kochi prefecture. Furthermore, by using only the pulp, it is said that it has a taste without harshness and unpleasant taste. Some French and Japanese chefs use this sake to make desserts.

Yorozuya: This is pretty easy to drink.

Mr. Ose: That's right. But the rice uses the same dry rice as before.

Yorozuya: The taste changes considerably depending on how you make it.

■ Impressions of the tasting party

Through the tasting session, I felt that even without knowledge of sake,

・Sake terminology ・Compatible foods ・How to store and drink ・Story of sake such as manufacturing method and inside story

I was able to not only enjoy the taste, but also broaden my knowledge on how to enjoy sake in the future, and I was able to enjoy the pure story of how sake is made.

At the store, you can sample five different types of sake, and they will suggest the one that has the same tendency or the one that seems to suit your taste according to your favorite taste. It's quite nice to be able to casually hear the opinions of a professional who understands the taste and knowledge of the more than 100 types of sake in the shop.

Mirai Nihonshuten KICHIJOJI and Mirai Nihonshuten EBISU-MITSUKOSHI regularly hold tasting events on weekends inviting sake breweries, so be sure to visit them.

<Future sake store tasting information>
Future sake store KICHIJOJI
8/8 ( Sat. ) - 8/10 ( Mon./holiday ) Niigata / Obata Sake Brewery "Manozuru" ( 13:00 - 19:00 )
8/15 ( Sat ) , 8/16 ( Sun ) Niigata / Obata Sake Brewery "Manozuru" ( 13 : 00-19 : 00 )

■ Recommended as a gift

At the Ebisu store, many people buy sake as gifts. There are various purposes, from things that office workers buy as souvenirs to things that you personally give to important people.

A sake professional will give you a consultation according to your relationship with the destination, age, gender, and taste, so it is also recommended for those who want to give sake as a gift but don't know how to choose it .

In addition, as a service limited to this store, there is also a service to wrap gifts in furoshiki. The point is to pay attention to the appearance, with stylish packaging that makes you feel Japanese culture.

(Written by Yorozuya)

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